4 to 6 Month Baby Food Chart

4 to 6 months Baby Food Chart
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Cereals & Grains





Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

Protein & Dairy


What can a 4-6 month old baby eat?

Cereals: Cereals are the standard first solid food for most babies, Rice and Oatmeal cereals are both the least of the allergenic grains. But you do not have to start with cereal! Try something like Avocados or Bananas!

Fruits: Fruits should be cooked unless the baby is 8 months old or the fruit are soft when ripe and the baby has no digestion troubles. Exception: Bananas and avocados do not need to be cooked.

Vegetables: Vegetables should be cooked unless the baby is 12 months old. Exception: If the baby can chew well enough that uncooked veggies are not a choking hazard.

Remember, many pediatricians are recommending that babies start solids at 6 months of age, the earlier introduction of solid foods may have certain risk factors; consult your pediatrician. And remember to use a “4 Day Wait Rule”. This is introduce new foods, one food at a time and at a space of 4 days apart. This rule should be used in tell the baby is around 9 – 10 months, you can start introducing many new foods. As you loosen up the 4 day wait rule, it is still important to pay attention to the new foods you offer your little one, especially those foods that do pose an allergy risk.

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