Eggs for Baby

When can my baby eat eggs?

Eggs whites are one of the big allergy-triggering foods, so you should avoid introducing them to your baby until 12 months. This does not mean your baby can not have egg yolks, egg yolks can be introduced around 8-10 months. But as always consult a medical professional before introducing new foods to your baby.

Eggs for Baby

Egg Nutrition Facts (1 large, raw)

choline 112.65 mg 26.5%
tryptophan 0.08 g 25%
selenium 15.40 mcg 22%
iodine 27.00 mcg 18.0%
vitamin B2 0.26 mg 15.3%
protein 6.29 g 12.6%
molybdenum 8.50 mcg 11.3%
vitamin B12 0.55 mcg 9.2%
phosphorus 86.00 mg 8.6%
vitamin B5 0.70 mg 7.0%
vitamin D 26.50 IU 6.6%

Egg yolk for baby

You may be able to separate a raw egg. But this may still leave tiny protein on the yolk, and this protein can still cause a reaction. The best way to do this is by hard-boiling an egg, and then peel the whites off after its cooked. Then you can mash up the yolk or put it in a food processor or blender and mix it with other foods. After 10 months and if you baby is already introduced to finger foods you can cut up cooked egg yolk and give it to your back to pick by themselves.

Baby Egg Allergy

If you have allergies run in your family or if you baby displays signs of other food or seasonal allergies your pediatrician may recommend waiting longer before feeding any eggs to your baby. Also, sometimes its common for babies to have some reaction to eggs the first time they try them, these sometimes are food sensitivities but still need to be discussed with your pediatrician, especially if it happens more then the first few times. A true egg allergy with have some symptoms like hives, flushing, swelling, wheezing, and increased heart rate. If your child experiences these, you should call the pediatrician right away. Sometimes a egg allergy doesn’t stick with your baby’s whole life, in fact most children go out of this allergy by age 5.

Select and Store of Eggs

When selecting eggs for baby, try picking eggs Grade AA, which is the most superior in quality. Inspect any eggs that you purchase for breaks or cracks. Store eggs in the refrigerator where they will stay fresh for about one month. And it is better to store eggs all the way inside the refrigerator and not a the refrigerator do, this compromises the eggs freshness since every time the door is opened the eggs are introduced to heat.

Cooking Eggs for Baby

In order to prevent any possible contamination to a recipe by a spoiled egg, break each egg separately into a small bowl before combining with the other ingredients. Making sure to check each egg and make sure of its freshness.

Like mentioned before for children younger then 12months, the egg yolk can be hard-boiled and then the egg whites can be peeled off.

When your baby is older then 12 months and is eating finger foods, you can cook a whole egg in every possible way, scrambled, omelet, hard-boiled, pouched, and baked to name a few.

Yummy Egg Combinations Ideas for Baby Food

Ideas on combinations of food and eggs for homemade baby food.

Eggs + Turkey + Onion + Potato + Cheddar Cheese + Parsley
Eggs + Spinach + Tomato + Greek Yogurt + Dill + Olive Oil
Eggs + Chicken + Onion + Carrots + Zucchini + Dill
Eggs + Pasta (any) + Cottage Cheese + Broccoli + Cauliflower + Oregano

What Yummy Egg Dishes have you give your lil tot? Lets us know in the comment section below :)

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